Applies for the eight (8) consecutive hours between 9 AM and 5PM week days.

There is a minimum of one (1) hour on all bookings. The length of time must be stated at the time of booking. The entire time a model is booked for must be paid for—with no exceptions including the situation in which the model is not used for the full booking time.

Applies at time-and-a-half for bookings before 9AM or after 5PM week days and for any bookings on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Fees and usage are subject to negotiation. You must check with the agency for conflicts prior to booking. There is no use of National Ads, Packages, Posters, Billboards, P.O.P., Displays, Hand Tags, Inserts, Endorsements, or Names unless cleared prior to booking.

The rates and travel expenses are negotiated at the time of booking. A four (4) hour minimum is required unless otherwise negotiated.

The production costs as well as rates for runway, dance, informal, mannequin are negotiated at the time of booking.

Check with the Agency.

Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists are available for Print, Film, Video, and Theater. The half-day rates are $175 for Stylists and $250 for Artists.
The full-day rates are $300 for Stylists and $500 for Artists.

If the client does not confirm or release tentative bookings, the agency reserves the right to cancel.

Confirmed bookings which are canceled less than twenty-four (24) hours before the booking will be charged the full booking rate.

Client must specify "weather permitting" at the time of the booking or the full booking fee is charged.

These expenses are negotiated at the time of booking.

At the time of booking, the client must advise the agency of all extraordinary conditions or requirements. In addition, the client must:

  • specify exact wardrobe requirement
  • specify "weather permitting" at time of booking
  • specify usage at time of booking
  • provide dressing facilities in the studio or on location
  • provide complete billing information at time of booking

AGENCY SERVICE FEE: A 20% agency service fee will be applied to all bookings. A finance charge of 1.5% will be applied to all invoices that
are not paid within 30 days.


Print (Adults): $100–$150/Hr Day Rate: $1,000–$1,200/Day
Print (Teens): $50–$125/Hr Day Rate: Negotiated
Print (Child): $50–$75/Hr Day Rate: Negotiated
Runway: $100–$400/Hr
Television: $50–$250/Hr
Film: $100–$1,000/Day
Promotional: $20–$45/Hr

As a RIMA Model/Talent you are not only representing yourself—but RIMA and its clients. If you are seen or if there is sufficient evidence that you are involved with any type of illegal substance, you will be subject to termination from RIMA. There will be no leniency in this matter.

RIMA also will not tolerate any smoking while working on a Print or Promotional job. All Promotional work is subject to Secret shoppers by the client and RIMA Representatives.

If any model removes him/herself from a promotion within 72 hours of the job, the model will be subject to cancellation consequences. If the model does not follow all instructions provided by the Rhode Island Modeling Agency and the Client, the model will be subject to non-payment for that job.

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